Therapeutic Vinyasa

This class will have a complimentary focus on mixing the vinyasa style of a dominantly breath based practice with a yoga therapy influence. Both methods which are relevant and agreeable to anyone’s individual needs. Within the most common methods that are taught in West, a pattern that is prevalent is the sequencing of standing poses to floor poses, without much backtracking to previously covered ground, and the pattern of moving towards an asanic finality without much emphasis being placed on the functional movements and postural configurations in the space between the initial stages and final stages of the asana.

The vinyasa method of approach in harnessing the therapeutic power of the breath to access the skelatal, muscular, circulatory, myofacsial, nervous, cognitive, and spiritual, in the resolve to heal, enhance, and sustain, is priceless whether the student is a clinical patient or an athlete. The therapeutic element of looking into a specific region of the body, to zero in on an area of concern, and looking at how it pertains to the rest of the body, is a missing thread that could very well be the perfect compliment to the vinyasa approach.

This class will blend elements of traditional access to, and practice of asana, along with the use of yoga therapy props and technique to refine the experience. Students with any sort of therapeutic considerations are welcome to attend, as there will be ample opportunity for anyone to be accommodated.