Yoga Therapy is the application of traditional yoga techniques in the care of afflictive conditions. Modern life and its demands on peoples time, has created a prevalence of diseases and pathologies that essentially stem from the separation from the natural and simple relationship to both one’s own body and the natural world that human beings have evolved with. Yoga Therapy applies techniques that restore the central mechanisms of respiration, movement/mobility, hydration, digestion, cognition, and psycho-emotional well-being, to a homeostatic state of balance where the human being thrives. This paradigm of human wellness is a holistic approach to every facet of one’s life. Yoga therapy prescribes the necessity to go above and beyond the reach of common practices of asana, pranayama, and meditation that are so prevalent in many contemporary yoga classes. The biggest challenge in the overhaul to health so many individuals attempt to undertake, is in reorienting the everyday habits and comforts that people become accustomed to. Most custom tailored approaches to health/wellness make demands on individuals lives that are, albeit constructive and valuable, become overwhelming and unsustainable due to the magnitude of the demands. One of the most accessible aspects of these teachings is predicated upon the power of making small changes to daily living, in a gradual and digestible way so as to become an integral part of one’s life. By taking more of a scientific approach, Yoga Therapy seeks to make adjustments to one variable of one’s life at a time, in order to illustrate the potency of these seemingly small amendments.

The advantage a person receives from one-on-one custom tailored session with a Yoga instructor runs across the board of utility. Educating the client in how their anatomy, lifestyle habits, and cognition might perpetuate their medical condition, is my highest priority. It is along these lines that the application of Yoga techniques can revive these systems and domains of life. As Yoga is a complete and all encompassing paradigm, its application extends far beyond the mere use of postures (asana). The use of the totality of Yoga includes everything from sleep to interpersonal relationship etiquette. You will learn how everything that is a part of a persons daily existence, from the most seemingly minute to the monumental details, all play a role in its Wellness.

The advantage of having an instructor supervise your health and progress, creates a strong support system that keeps motivation elevated and sustains excitement.